Wangye Temple

Top choice teahouse

in Zigong

Housed within the ochre walls of a 100-year-old guild hall of boatmen and merchants, this lively teahouse (officially known as 临江茶楼, Línjiāng Chálóu) is one of the most atmospheric in Sichuan. Tea costs ¥12 to ¥20.

Perched above the Fuxi River, the teahouse sits on the opposite bank from the still-active Fazang Temple (法藏寺; Fǎzàng Sì). The pair were built to ensure safe passage for boats transporting salt downstream. Everyone in the industry came here to make sacrifices to Wangye, the protector of boatmen and sailors. Now locals gather here to banter, play cards and admire the river view. From the Shizi Kou (十字口) bus stop, walk down to the river, turn left and follow the river for about 750m around a small bend.