Top things to do in Zhūjiāyù

Notable Building in Zhūjiāyù

Wénchāng Pavilion

A Ming-dynasty, double-track ancient road (双轨古道; shuāngguǐ gǔdào) leads to this Qing-dynasty arched gate topped by a single-roofed shrine. This is where teachers would take new pupils to make offerings to Confucius …
Shandong in Zhūjiāyù

Lǎo Yī Mín Restaurant

This humble restaurant cooks up excellent fare from local ingredients. The genial owners take their yellow dog hunting for wild rabbit (¥40 per jīn) and forage for fresh mushrooms and greens in the surrounding hills…
Cinema in Zhūjiāyù

Zhūjiāyù Movie Experience

This half-hour, immersive movie experience is loosely based on the harrowing journeys of Shāndōng natives seeking opportunity.
Temple in Zhūjiāyù

Zhu Family Ancestral Hall

Zhūjiāyù's ancestral hall consists of packed mudbrick homesteads, and quaint, arched shíqiáo (stone bridges).
Bridge in Zhūjiāyù

Kāngxī Overpass

This ancient bridge is one of the earliest examples in the world of such a traffic structure and dates from 1671.