Top things to do in Zhuhai

Street in Zhuhai

Lover's Road

This balmy promenade starts at Gŏngbĕi (拱北), at the border with Macau, and sweeps north for 28km along the coast, passing some of Zhūhăi's most coveted real estate. The section near Tángjiā Public Garden is the most…
Cantonese in Zhuhai

May Flower Restaurant

Where the middle classes go when they have important guests, this veteran of Zhūhăi's fine-dining scene serves up elaborately prepared seafood dishes, claypot goodies, and other Cantonese deliciousness, including, o…
International in Zhuhai

The Garden

If you're craving a break from Chinese food, the Garden might please you with some international bistro favourites, such as Greek feta salad, good steaks and salmon, couscous and a nice selection of wines.
Dim Sum in Zhuhai

Jīn Yuè Xuān

For some of the best dim sum and Cantonese cuisine in Zhūhǎi, head to this elegant restaurant before 11am to secure a table.
Gardens in Zhuhai

Tángjiā Public Garden

Around 13km north of Zhūhǎi is the labyrinthine town of Tángjiāwān (唐家湾), where you’ll find the former estate of the first premier of the Republic of China, Tong Shaoyi. It's now a garden with old-growth and rare tr…
Live Music in Zhuhai

Zhūhăi Live Bar

A dive bar that hosts local and overseas gigs nightly from 9pm within its graffitied walls. The music can be pop, rock and everything in between. It's across the road from Xìnhăi Building (信海大厦; Xìnhăi Dàxià), betwe…