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Getting There & Away

From Hángzhōu south bus station, direct buses to Zhūgě (¥60, two hours) leave at 8.40am and 3.50pm; there's also a bus from Hángzhōu's central bus station (¥59, two hours) at 12.30pm and west bus station (¥60, two hours) at 2.40pm. Going back to Hángzhōu there are 12 buses daily (6.15am to 6.20pm).

From Jīnhuá west bus station, buses depart nine times daily for Zhūgě (¥18 to ¥21, one hour, 6am to 3.10pm). Return buses (7.15am, 8.50am, 9am, 1.40pm, 5pm) depart from in front of the bus station, on the opposite side of the street.

Buses from Lánxī en route to Xīnyè swing by Zhūgě around 7.45am, 10.20am, 1.30pm and 5.15pm. You'll need to flag one down from the road in front of the bus station. In the return direction, buses from Xīnyè (¥4, 30 minutes) depart at 6.10am, 8.30am, noon and 3.20pm; the bus drops off at the foot of Gaolong Lu.