Zhongwei attractions

Temple in Zhongwei

Gāo Temple

Gāo Temple means 'High Temple', and this is one of the most extraordinary temples in China, where the three faiths of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism are revered, although Buddhist deities are clearly in the ascen…
Desert in Zhongwei


The desert playground of Shāpōtóu, 17km west of Zhōngwèi, lies on the fringes of the Tengger Desert at the dramatic convergence of sand dunes, the Yellow River and lush farmlands. It’s based around the Shāpōtóu Dese…
Historic Site in Zhongwei

Zhōngwèi Drum Tower

At the bulls-eye of things, this Ming-era drum tower once announced important events and times and now serves as a landmark that divides Gulou Jie into its northern, southern, eastern and western sections.