Temple in Zhènyuǎn

Qīnglóng Dòng

Across the river from the old town, the epic vertical warren of temples, grottoes, corridors and caves of Qīnglóng Dòng rises up against Zhōnghé Mountain (Zhōnghé Shān; 中和山). Flooded with lights at night, it forms a…
Area in Zhènyuǎn

Sifangjing Xiang

Four old and well-preserved alleys lead north away from the river: Sifangjing Xiang, Fuxing Xiang, Renshou Xiang and Chongzikou Xiang. Wander along Sifangjing Xiang and peek at its namesake Sìfāngjǐng (Four Directio…
Gorge in Zhènyuǎn

Tiěxī Gorge

A trip to the pleasant Tiěxī Gorge (铁溪) offers the chance to plunge along rocky trails shaded by overhanging trees. Don't miss the Dragon Pool (龙潭; Lóngtán) and Jīguān Mountain (鸡冠岭; Jīguān Lǐng). Food vendors are s…
Walls in Zhènyuǎn

Miáojiāng Great Wall

There’s an energetic half-hour climb above town, past the Four Officials Temple to the top of Shípíng Shān, to the remains of this 16th-century wall built to protect Zhènyuǎn. Get up really early or leave it late in…
Bridge in Zhènyuǎn

Zhùshèng Bridge

The most photographed sight in town, Zhènyuǎn’s old bridge (祝圣桥; Zhùshèng Qiáo) is a gorgeous and robust span of arches topped with a three-storey pavilion, leading visitors across the water to Qīnglóng Dòng. It's a…
Buddhist Temple in Zhènyuǎn

Tiānhòu Temple

This 'Temple of the Queen of Heaven' is a 16th-century temple complex on the north of the river, and the best preserved of a series built by Fujianese merchants.
Historic Site in Zhènyuǎn

City Walls

The old city walls on the south side of the Wǔyáng River have been restored and you can walk a considerable way along them towards the train station. In the other direction you'll reach a 14th-century arch, where lo…
Buddhist Temple in Zhènyuǎn

Four Officials Temple

Small, attractive temple on Shípíng Shān, with delightful forest views near the edge of the Miáojiāng Great Wall.
Mountain in Zhènyuǎn

Shípíng Shān

This mountain across the river has the remains of the Miáojiāng Great Wall and the Four Officials Temple.
Taoist Temple in Zhènyuǎn

Fire God Temple

Small, obscured temple housing the fearsome deities Yandi and the Fire God himself.