Zhengzhou restaurants

Henan in Zhengzhou

Hé Jì

This Zhèngzhōu stalwart has racked up numerous awards over the years, and judging by the raucous crowds inside, it hasn't lost its touch. There's only one thing on the menu – noodle soup in a nourishing mutton broth…
Henan in Zhengzhou

Hénán Shífǔ

Tucked away in a courtyard off Renmin Lu, this well-known restaurant’s photo menu is full of local specialities, such as tofu potstickers (锅贴豆腐; guōtiē dòufu) or Hakka beef (客家牛肉粒; Kèjiā niúròu lì), which is cleverl…
Market in Zhengzhou

Guāngcǎi Market

This crowded warren of food and clothes stalls in the block northeast of February 7 Square is often crowded, but choices seem very bottom of the barrel. Try málà tàng (麻辣烫; spicy soup with skewered vegies and meat),…