Ticket Office in Zhèngzhōu

Air Ticket Office

Sells flight tickets in the airport bus office, next to the Zhèngzhōu Hotel.
Ticket Office in Zhèngzhōu

Civil Aviation Administration of China

East of the city centre, the CAAC sells flight tickets.
Police in Zhèngzhōu

Public Security Bureau

For visa extensions; in the north of town.
Post in Zhèngzhōu

China Post

South end of train station concourse.
Bank in Zhèngzhōu

Bank of China

North of the Sofitel, on Jinshui Lu.
Hospital in Zhèngzhōu

City Number One Hospital

West of the Confucius Temple.
Bank in Zhèngzhōu

Industrial & Commercial Bank

Has a 24-hour ATM.
Pharmacy in Zhèngzhōu

Hénán Pharmacy

Ticket Office in Zhèngzhōu

Train Ticket Booking Office