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Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Zhengding

Lóngxīng Temple

Considering its age – almost 1500 years old – we think this is one of the most impressive temples in northern China. It's certainly Zhèngdìng’s star attraction. Popularly known as Dàfó Temple (大佛寺; Dàfó Sì), or ‘Gre…
Buddhist Temple in Zhengding

Kāiyuán Temple

This temple originally dates from AD 540 but was destroyed in 1966, the first year of the Cultural Revolution. Little remains apart from a bell tower and the dirt-brown Xūmí Pagoda (须弥塔; Xūmí Tǎ), a well-preserved, …
Gate in Zhengding

Chánglè Gate

Although not immediately obvious, Zhèngdìng was once a walled city. These days much of what remains of its 24km-long city wall is just an earthen mound, but at the southern end of Yanzhao Nandajie is Chánglè Gate, c…
Buddhist Site in Zhengding

Línjì Temple

This active monastery is notable for its tall, elegant, carved-brick Chénglíng Pagoda (澄灵塔; also called the Green Pagoda), topped with an elaborate lotus plinth plus ball and spire. In the Tang dynasty, the temple w…
Buddhist Temple in Zhengding

Guǎnghuì Temple

Nothing remains of this temple except Huá Pagoda (华塔; Huá Tā), dating from around 800 AD. It's an unusual, Indian-style pagoda decorated with lions, elephants, sea creatures and púsà (Bodhisattvas, who are those wor…
Buddhist Temple in Zhengding

Tiānníng Temple

The remains of this temple contain the 41m-high Tang dynasty Lofty Pagoda (凌霄塔; Língxiāo Tǎ), also called Mùtǎ or Wooden Pagoda. Originally dating from AD 779, the pagoda was restored in 1045, but is still in fine c…
Confucian Temple in Zhengding

Confucius Temple

The unassuming Confucius Temple can be found west of Tiānníng Temple on Zhongshan Xilu, about 250m past the intersection with Yanzhao Nandajie and down an alley.