Xiánhēng Jiǔdiàn

Top choice Zhejiang

in Shaoxing

Xiánhēng Jiǔdiàn is a fantastic, if touristy, place to sample local food and drink. Dishes include dried broad beans stewed in fennel water (茴香豆, huíxiāng dòu) and 'drunk' river crab (醉蟹, zuì xiè) that has been pickled and cooked with wine vinasse, the residue from the winemaking process. Order Shaoxing wine from the counter out front.

You'll need to first purchase a prepaid card (minimum ¥100), which you'll use to purchase dishes inside. The remaining balance and deposit will be returned to you when you return the card. The restaurant is easily spotted by its outdoor seating, just 150m west of Luxun Native Place.