Top Choice Hángzhōu in Hángzhōu

Grandma’s Home

There's no end to the hype about this restaurant, which now has branches across the whole country, with eager diners constantly clustering outside. It almost lives up to its reputation, with low prices and generous …
Top Choice Hángzhōu in Hángzhōu

Green Tea Restaurant

Often packed, this excellent Hángzhōu restaurant has superb food. With a bare-brick finish and rows of clay teapots, the low-lit dining room is sleek and trendy. Prices are surprisingly low, with the signature fish-…
Top Choice Zhejiang in Shàoxīng

Xiánhēng Jiǔdiàn

Xiánhēng Jiǔdiàn is a fantastic, if touristy, place to sample local food and drink. Dishes include dried broad beans stewed in fennel water (茴香豆; huíxiāng dòu) and 'drunk' river crab (醉蟹; zuì xiè) that has been pick…
Hángzhōu in Hángzhōu


Founded in 1838, this is Hángzhōu's most famous restaurant. The local speciality is xīhú cùyú (西湖醋鱼; sweet and sour carp) and dōngpō pork, but there's a good choice of other well-priced standard dishes. The atmosphe…
International in Mògànshān

Mògànshān Lodge

Grab a book from the shelves (there are many in English) and curl up in one of the vintage arm chairs here with a pot of tea. Should you decide to stretch your legs, Mògànshān Lodge is your best source for advice an…
Chinese in Hángzhōu


Specialising in food from China’s Muslim Hui minority, this busy Gaoyin Jie spot has lamb kebabs (羊肉串; yáng ròu chuàn; ¥10 for four), roast mutton (¥40) and roast chicken (¥48) like all the others, but you’ll also f…
Cantonese in Hángzhōu

Bì Fēng Táng

An oldie but a goodie: the dim sum is reliably good at this popular restaurant chain right in the action by West Lake. The menu is wide-ranging, but some of the better Canto classics on offer include fresh prawn cry…
Vegetarian in Pǔtuóshān

Pǔjì Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

A vegetarian canteen inside Pǔjì Temple, serving great value meals. Buy a ticket at the 'box office' and then grab a bowl.
Dumpling in Xīnyè

Nóngjiā Tèsè Xiǎochīguǎn

On the edge of South Pond look for this tiny eatery with the woman making wontons out front. A filling bowl of soup costs just ¥5 and you can eat outside overlooking the pond.
Noodles in Nánxún


One of Nánxún's local specialities is shuāng jiāo miàn (双浇面), a kind of long thin wheat noodle in a rich, dark soy broth. This is the most popular shop in which to try it, though it looks nearly identical to others …