Zhejiang attractions

Top Choice Lake in Hangzhou

West Lake

The very definition of classical beauty in China, West Lake is utterly mesmerising: pagoda-topped hills rise over willow-lined waters as boats drift slowly through a vignette of leisurely charm. Walkways, perfectly …
Top Choice Buddhist Site in Hangzhou

Língyǐn Temple

Hángzhōu’s most famous Buddhist temple, Língyǐn Temple was originally built in AD 326, but has been destroyed and rebuilt no fewer than 16 times. During the Five Dynasties (AD 907–960) about 3000 monks lived here. T…
Top Choice Village in Hangzhou

Dragon Well Tea Village

The lush, green scenery around this tea village up in the hills southwest of West Lake makes for a wonderful break from the bustle of Hangzhou. Visitors can wander through the village and up into the tea plantations…
Top Choice Buddhist Site in Hangzhou

Jìngcí Temple

The serene yet monastically active Chan (Zen) Jìngcí Temple was originally built in AD 954 and is now fully restored. The splendid first hall contains the massive, foreboding Heavenly Kings and an elaborate red and …
Viewpoint in Hangzhou

Sunrise Terrace

Vantage point on Bǎoshí Shān.
Architecture in Jinhua

Jīnhuá Architecture Park

Jīnhuá Architecture Park is made up of 16 pavilions, designed by international and domestic architects, strung over 2km along the Yìwū River. It was conceived and curated by the artist Ai Wei Wei, to honour his fath…
Pagoda in Hangzhou

Six Harmonies Pagoda

Three kilometres southwest of West Lake, an enormous rail and road bridge spans the Qiántáng River. Close by rears up the 60m-high octagonal Six Harmonies Pagoda, first built in AD 960. The stout pagoda also served …
Street in Hangzhou

Qīnghéfāng Old Street

At the south end of Zhongshan Zhonglu is this touristy, crowded and bustling pedestrian street, with makeshift puppet theatres, teahouses and gift and curio stalls, selling everything from stone teapots to boxes of …
Buddhist Temple in Putuoshan

Pǔjì Temple

Fronted by large ponds and overlooked by towering camphor trees and Luóhàn pines, this recently restored Chan (Zen) temple stands by the main square and dates to at least the 17th century. Beyond chubby Milefo sitti…
Buddhist Temple in Putuoshan

Fǎyǔ Temple

Colossal camphor trees and a huge gingko tree tower over this Chan (Zen) temple, where a vast glittering statue of Guanyin sits resplendently in the main hall, flanked by 18 luóhàn effigies. Each luóhàn has a name –…