Top things to do in Zhaoxing

Gate in Zhaoxing

Dazhai Gate

The colossal Dazhai Gate is Zhaoxing's most spectacular example of a wind and rain bridge, an architectural feature unique to Dong villages. These entirely wooden structures, built with long covered corridors, usual…
Viewpoint in Zhaoxing

Zhaoxing Viewing Platform

The views of Zhaoxing stretching up the valley are wonderful, particularly at sunset when the lights on Dazhai Gate begin to come on.
Architecture in Longli

Longbiao Academy

After serving under the Ming emperors, who paid their army wages, the residents of Longli were largely abandoned by Qing dynasty rulers who had other military priorities. As a consequence, activity in the town shift…
Chinese in Zhaoxing

Nóngfū Rénjiā

Next to the Dragon Bridge (龙桥, Lóngqiáo) this simple homestyle restaurant has pictures for easier ordering and a lovely riverside terrace. The braised aubergine (红烧茄子, hóngshāo qiézi) served with a bowl of white ric…
Museum in Zhaoxing

Dong Culture Exhibition Centre

This purpose-built space features interesting exhibitions on various aspects of Dong culture, from music to clothing. Has fairly good explanations in English, as well as a small collection of shops selling tradition…
Chinese in Zhaoxing

Lǎopái Niú Yáng Ròufěn

This restaurant on the main street sells classic Guizhou dishes such as rice noodles (米粉, mǐfěn) and fish in hot and sour soup (酸汤鱼, suāntāng yú) as well as dumplings and barbecued meats.
Live Performance in Zhaoxing

Cultural performance

Twice daily performances of traditional Dong singing and dancing with the accompanying narration translated into English on LED signs by the stage.
Chinese in Basha

Mǐfěn Diàn

Simple place serving up cheap and cheerful pork rice noodles (鲜肉米粉, xiānròu mǐfěn; ¥8) and yellow sticky rice (糯米饭, nuòmǐ fàn) served with pickled vegetables and barbequed pork (¥10). It's at the top of the village …