Top things to do in Zhāngjiājiè

Top Choice Area in Zhāngjiājiè

Bīngláng Valley

A free alternative to Zhāngjiājiè national park, this staggeringly beautiful mountain valley and its caves, natural arches and vertiginous cliffs, 90 minutes by bus from town, makes for a sublime day trip or overnig…
National Park in Zhāngjiājiè

Wǔlíngyuán Scenic & Historic Interest Area

The national park's official name is the Wǔlíngyuán Scenic & Historic Interest Area, but almost everyone refers to it simply as Zhāngjiājiè, the name of one section of the park.The park, covering a vast 264 sq k…
National Park in Zhāngjiājiè

Zhāngjiājiè Scenic Area

From the 'Forest Park' entrance, there is an early opportunity for a bird's-eye view of the karst towers from Huángshí Village (黄石寨; Huángshízhài), a 3km loop on a plateau 1048m up. It’s a two-hour slog up 3878 ston…
National Park in Zhāngjiājiè

Tiānzǐ Shān Scenic Area

This area is on top of the plateau, and hence enjoys most of the park's more spectacular (and busiest) viewpoints. Touring here means manoeuvring around particularly large crowds (and waiting in long lines for buses…
Mountain in Zhāngjiājiè

Tiānmén Mountain

Visible from anywhere in Zhāngjiājiè City, this distinctive mountain range features Tiānmén Dòng (天门洞), a prominent keyhole cut through the mountainside. The seriously lengthy 7km-long Tiānmén Mountain Cable Car (天门…
Cave in Zhāngjiājiè

Yellow Dragon Cave

This 48-hectare cave network consists of a large number of chambers, subterranean pools, lakes and falls, all illuminated in fancy colours. It's a two-hour hike through the cave in total, including a boat ride and l…
Cave in Zhāngjiājiè

Jiǔtiān Cave

Its name literally meaning 'Nine Heavens Cave', this huge cave system contains a vast network of underground pools and rivers.
Market in Zhāngjiājiè

Nánmén Night Market

A few blocks south of Beizheng Jie, south of the junction between Nanzheng Jie and Huilong Lu (回龙路), this street-food market is an excellent spot to grab a table and order a round of lamb, pork, squid or mushroom ke…