Zhōngtiān International Youth Hostel – Yuánjiājiè

Hostel in Zhāngjiājiè

This quiet hostel is a good choice within the park. Rooms are rather musty (everywhere's musty up here), but are clean and tidy. There's not much English spoken, but the food menu (mains ¥15 to ¥35), and notices around the hostel, are all in English. Air-con is an extra ¥20.

A path behind the hostel leads to two stunning viewpoints, while about 50m beyond the hostel are steps leading down into the canyon below.

The easiest and quickest way to get here is to enter the park through the Tiānzǐ Shān entrance (天子山门票站; Tiānzǐshān ménpiàozhàn) then take the free bus to Wang Qiao Tai (望桥台) bus stop (about 40 minutes). You can also get here from the Zhāngjiājiè entrance.