Top things to do in Yushu

Buddhist Temple in Yushu

Princess Wencheng Temple

This small but busy temple, 15km south of Yùshù, is dedicated to the Tang dynasty Chinese Princess Wencheng, who was instrumental in converting her husband and Tibetan king, Songtsen Gampo, to Buddhism in the 7th ce…
Buddhist Site in Yushu

Seng-ze Gyanak Mani Wall

Completely rebuilt after suffering extensive damage in the 2010 earthquake, this site is thought to be the world’s largest mani wall (piles of stones with Buddhist mantras carved or painted on them). Founded in 1715…
Cultural in Yushu

Horse Festival

Yùshù’s spectacular three-day horse festival features traditional horse and yak races, Tibetan wrestling, archery, shooting and dance. The festival is held at different parts of the county each year, with a mega, mu…
Monastery in Yushu

Jyekundo Dondrubling Monastery

First built in 1398, the Jyekundo Dondrubling Monastery suffered heavy damage from the 2010 earthquake (the main prayer hall was completely destroyed and a number of resident monks were killed). The monastery has si…
Square in Yushu

Central Square

Yùshù’s central square includes a large statue of King Gesar of Ling, a revered Tibetan warrior-god whose epic deeds are remembered in the world’s longest epic poem of the same name. The area around the square has b…
Buddhist Monastery in Yushu

Sebda Gompa

The main assembly hall at this monastery is impressive, but most surprising is the temple featuring a huge 18m statue of Guru Rinpoche, with smaller statues of his various manifestations on either side.
Buddhist Monastery in Yushu

Drogon Gompa

This Sakyapa-school monastery includes the scary gönkhang (protector temple). Set atop a hill, it is adorned with snarling stuffed wolves and tantric masks. Only men may enter the temple.
Memorial in Yushu

Yùshù Earthquake Memorial.

Standing at the entrance to town is the only building remaining from the 2010 earthquake. This former hotel is now a memorial site. Note that the 2nd floor has been completely flattened (though apparently no one die…
Museum in Yushu

Ethnographic Museum

This small museum has some off-beat gems such as traditional Tibetan clothing, swords and stuffed animals. If you have more time you can explore the ruins of the old monastery on the ridge behind the adjacent gompa …