Cemetery in Tengchong

National Memorial Cemetery

This touching cemetery and museum is dedicated to the soldiers who fought and died to defend Yunnan during World War II, including those fighting on behalf of the United States and other Allied nations....

Yunnan in Tengchong

Yíngxiāngyuán Cāntīng

This popular local place has a wide menu of Yunnan and broader Chinese dishes to choose from, as well as a cooler display to pick and mix for those who want to customise their own meal.

Buddhist Temple in Tengchong

Laifeng Temple

Surrounded by lush pine forest, this Buddhist temple on the edge of Laifeng Shan National Forest Park feels like a secluded sanctuary yet remains a hub of local life.

Waterfall in Tengchong

Dieshuihe Waterfall

On the western edge of town, this large park is a pleasant place for a stroll or a picnic. Just inside the entrance is the small Xianle Temple (仙乐观, Xiānlè Guān), the path past which leads down to a viewing...

Park in Tengchong

Laifeng Shan National Forest Park

On the southwestern edge of town, walk through the lush pine forests of this park to Laifeng Temple or make the sweaty hike on any number of dirt and concrete paths up to the summit, where the Wenbi Pagoda (文笔塔,...

Yunnan in Tengchong

Héfēngyuán Cāntīng

Eat outside in a large, pleasant courtyard. Try the local cured ham, huǒtuǐ (火腿), or point and choose from the wide range of fish, meat and veggies on display. No English spoken, but the staff are welcoming. It's...