Sifang Food Court

Yunnan in Lijiang

Snackers should not miss this open-air food market where vendors sell appetising bite-size treats, some of which are native to Lijiang. Try the Nàxī kǎo qiézì (纳西烤茄子, Naxi grilled eggplant), served in a boat-shaped crust; tǔ dòu bǐng (土豆饼, Naxi potato pancake), and Nàxī kǎolà cháng (纳西烤腊肠, Naxi grilled, salty sausage) made with pork, fat and pepper.

For dessert, try the delightful Nàxī nuomi tuán (纳西糯米团), a sticky rice ball stuffed with either hóngdòushā (红豆沙, red bean), shūcài (蔬菜, vegetable) or ròu (肉, meat). There are other similar open-air food markets scattered around the old town.