Jinghong Night Market

Market in Jinghong

All manner of Dai and Yunnan eats are on display in the centre of this redeveloped east bank complex, and the market is close to the riverbank where Chinese-style bars congregate. For a taxi from the centre of town it's ¥15 to ¥20, or else bus 2 will drop you off relatively close.

Look for street stalls selling Thai egg pastries (泰国鸡蛋巴拉达; Tàiguó Jīdàn Bālādá), traditionally served with chopped banana and condensed milk but now expanded to all sorts of sweet and savoury fillings. Travellers refer to these once widely available snacks as 'heart stoppers' for their massive sugar and calorie content, but in recent years there are very few places to find them in Jinghong.