Yunnan entertainment

Live Music in Lijiang

Nàxī Orchestra

Attending a performance of this orchestra inside a beautiful building in the old town is a good way to spend an evening in Lìjiāng. Not only are all two dozen or so members Naxi, but they play a type of Taoist templ…
Dance in Lugu Lake

Mosuo Dance Show

This nightly dance show sees group dancing by many Mosuo women in traditional dress around a fire. The local name for it translates as 'bonfire party', but don't expect to see effigies of Guy Fawkes. It's very popul…
Theatre in Jinghong

Měngbālā Nàxī Arts Theatre

Wildly popular with tour groups, this theatre has a nightly song and dance show. It begins at 7pm with a brief outdoor display, but you'll need to buy a ticket for the full extravaganza inside.
Dance in Lijiang

Impression Lìjiāng

This big song and dance show, squarely aimed at local tour groups, takes place at the foot of Yùlóng Xuěshān.