Welcome to Deqin & Kawa Karpo

A true border town, Déqīn is one of Yúnnán’s last outposts before Tibet, but from here you could also practically hike east to Sìchuān or southwest to Myanmar. Díqìng Prefecture was so isolated that it was never really controlled by anyone until the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) arrived in force in 1957.

More than 80% of locals are Tibetan, though a dozen other minorities also live here, including one of the few settlements of non-Hui Muslims in China. The town itself, though, is unattractive and for travellers it is simply a staging post to the nearby mountains. Confusingly, Déqīn is the name of the city and county; both are incorporated by the Díqìng Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (迪庆藏族自治州).

Once out into the mountains, Yǔbēng village serves the needs of most travellers with guesthouses and restaurants.

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