Top things to do in Yining

International in Yining

Zǐxiānggě Coffee Club

Within the grounds of the enormous Yīlí Bīnguǎn, this surprisingly lavish multiroom restaurant specialises in coffee and tea, but also has a small Western menu serving up pizza, steaks and even a club sandwich, alon…
Mosque in Yining

Shǎnxī Mosque

A couple of blocks southeast of the People's Sq is the Uyghur Old Town and the impressive 260-year-old Shǎnxī Mosque, which looks far more like a piece of traditional Chinese architecture than a Muslim place of wors…
Square in Yining

People’s Square

The heart of the city is People’s Sq, a popular place to fly kites. It's rather a well-tended plaza, with ornamental trees and is surrounded by local government buildings. The south side is lined with ice cream, fru…