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Top Choice Chinese in Yínchuān

Xiānhè Lóu

This fantastic, cavernous place opens round the clock, serving both big spenders and budget-seekers. You could splash out on the pricey fish dishes or the gorgeous kǎoyángpái (烤羊排; barbecued ribs; ¥108) from the pic…
Top Choice Buddhist Pagoda in Yínchuān

Hǎibǎo Pagoda

This fantastically well-preserved pagoda in the north of town is a beauty. Its cross-shaped (from above), straight-edged and tapering form was exquisitely built. The pagoda was slightly damaged during the 2008 Sìchu…
Top Choice Peking Duck in Yínchuān


If you pine for Peking Duck, Quánjùdé steps up to the plate. For ¥76 you get half a duck, a meal for one, served with cucumber, scallions and hoisin sauce. Purists maintain that the best Peking Duck is served within…
Museum in Yínchuān

Níngxià Museum

Located halfway between the new and old cities, this cavernous, well-mounted museum contains an extensive collection of rock art, Silk Road–era pottery and ancient Korans as well as the requisite hall of communist p…
Buddhist Pagoda in Yínchuān

Chéngtiānsì Pagoda

Climb the 13 storeys of steep, narrow stairs of this brick pagoda topped with a green spire for 360-degree views of Yínchuān. The pagoda is also known as Xī Tǎ (西塔; West Pagoda) and dates back almost 1000 years to t…
Dim Sum in Yínchuān

Bái Gōng

Waiters here push around carts piled with all forms of delicious steamed dumplings and buns to point to, as well as more esoteric nibbles like spicy chicken feet. The carts offer good variety for solo travellers, bu…
Chinese in Yínchuān

Xiānhè Lóu

You can't go wrong here, with great kǎoyángpái (烤羊排; barbecued ribs) and jīngjiàng ròusī (京酱肉丝; soy pork), which you wrap up in little pancakes and shuǐjiǎo (boiled dumplings).
Archaeological Site in Yínchuān

Shuǐ Dòng Gōu

The archaeological site of Shuǐ Dòng Gōu, 25km east of Yínchuān, right on the border with Inner Mongolia, has been turned into something of an adventure theme park. The site is divided into two parts; the first is a…
Historic Site in Yínchuān

Western Xià Tombs

The Western Xia Tombs, which resemble giant beehives, are Níngxià’s most celebrated sight. The first tombs were built a millennium ago by Li Yuanhao, the founder of the Western Xia dynasty. There are nine imperial t…
Dumplings in Yínchuān

Dà Mā Jiǎozi Guǎn

This popular place is dedicated to Chinese dumplings which come by the jīn, but you can order a half or quarter jīn, and there are all sorts of beef, prawn and veggie options as well as pot-stickers (锅贴; guōtiē) – d…