Xiānhè Lóu

Top choice chinese in Yinchuan

This fantastic, cavernous place opens round the clock, serving both big spenders and budget-seekers. You could splash out on the pricey fish dishes or the gorgeous kǎoyángpái (烤羊排; barbecued ribs; ¥108) from the picture menu, but a half jīn of fried lamb dumplings (羊肉煎饺; yángròu jiānjiǎo; ¥28) makes for a filling meal for one, arriving with a crimson soy sauce and chilli dip.

The closely related but boiled and un-fried shuǐjiǎo (dumplings) are a house speciality. Again, a half jīn is a filling meal for one. There's another branch around the corner on Zhongshan Nanjie.