Top things to do in Yichang

Top Choice Hubei in Yichang

Fàngwēng Restaurant

At Xīlíng Gorge (西陵峡; Xīlíngxiá), 12km north of Yíchāng, is a peculiar restaurant perched precariously against a cliff. Claimed to be the ninth 'cave restaurant' in the world, the cuisine is distinctly Húběi, the se…
Architecture in Yichang

Three Gorges Dam

The huge, hulking Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest dam due to its length (2.3km) rather than its height (101m), and while it isn’t the most spectacular dam, it is worth a peek. You can’t walk on it, but there…
Hubei in Yichang

Xiǎo Hú Niú

Our favourite restaurant in Běimén specialises in a local beef hotplate called xiǎo hú niú. Order that first, stipulating how spicy you want your beef (¥25 for 250g) or lamb (¥26 for 250g) – mild (微辣; wēi là), mediu…
Village in Yichang

Three Gorges Village

It's a little tacky and overrun on weekends, but nonetheless a neat, convenient way to take in the stunning views over Xīlíng Gorge (西陵峡; Xīlíngxiá) and an interesting guided cave ramble. Catch bus 10 (¥2, 30 minute…
Korean in Yichang

Hánlìgōng Liàolǐ

Opposite Yílíng Hotel, and next door to a Western-style cafe, is this smart Korean restaurant with good-value dishes, claypots and barbecues.