Yichang restaurants

Top Choice Hubei in Yichang

Fàngwēng Restaurant

At Xīlíng Gorge (西陵峡; Xīlíngxiá), 12km north of Yíchāng, is a peculiar restaurant perched precariously against a cliff. Claimed to be the ninth 'cave restaurant' in the world, the cuisine is distinctly Húběi, the se…
Hubei in Yichang

Xiǎo Hú Niú

Our favourite restaurant in Běimén specialises in a local beef hotplate called xiǎo hú niú. Order that first, stipulating how spicy you want your beef (¥25 for 250g) or lamb (¥26 for 250g) – mild (微辣; wēi là), mediu…
Korean in Yichang

Hánlìgōng Liàolǐ

Opposite Yílíng Hotel, and next door to a Western-style cafe, is this smart Korean restaurant with good-value dishes, claypots and barbecues.