Yarlung Valley attractions

Top Choice Monastery in Yarlung Valley

Tradruk Monastery

Dating back to the 7th-century reign of Songtsen Gampo, Tradruk is one of the earliest Buddhist temples in Tibet. It was founded at the same time as Lhasa's Jokhang and Ramoche to act as one of Tibet’s demoness-subd…
Historic Building in Yarlung Valley


A fine, tapering finger of a structure that sprouts from a craggy ridge overlooking the patchwork fields of the Yarlung Valley, Yumbulagang is considered the oldest building in Tibet. At least that is the claim for …
Buddhist Monastery in Yarlung Valley

Rechung-puk Monastery

A popular pilgrimage site associated with the illustrious Milarepa (1040–1123), the scenic ruins of Rechung-puk Monastery are set high on a dramatic escarpment that divides the two branches of the Yarlung Valley.
Buddhist Site in Yarlung Valley

Bhairo-puk Cave

Hidden in a cleft in the rock a couple of kilometres south of Rechung-puk is the Bhairo-puk. The tiny cave is home to a nun who spends her days and nights in a meditation box. The site is named after the stone handp…
Buddhist Stupa in Yarlung Valley

Gongtang Bumpa Chörten

The large Gongtang Bumpa chörten was allegedly commissioned by Vairocana as a way to resolve a border dispute between rival kings. It's just off the main Tsetang–Chongye road and marks the turn-off to Bhairo-puk.