Yarkand attractions

Area in Yarkand

Yarkand Old Town

To escape modern Yarkand's uninspiring grid system, take a walk in the Old Town to the east of the Altun Mosque, where craftsmen still work their wares with ball-peen hammers and grindstones, several workshops churn…
Mosque in Yarkand

Altun Mosque Complex

Yarkand’s main sights are clustered around its charming central 18th-century mosque. The surrounding sprawling cemetery is home to several other impressive shrines, with white flags marking the graves of pir (holy m…
Tomb in Yarkand

Mausoleum of Ammanisahan

This mausoleum commemorates a 16th-century Yarkand Uyghur queen and musician famed for her work collecting Uyghur muqam music. Behind the tomb is the central mazar (tomb) of her husband Sultan Sayid Khan, the founde…