Yantai restaurants

Top Choice Seafood in Yantai

Róngxiáng Hǎixiān

At this perpetually packed local institution, the seafood is crawling/swimming/blinking in the back room where you put in your order. Quick-tongued staff toss out price per jīn for creatures from the briney deep and…
Dumplings in Yantai

Xiāngfǔ Ròudīng Shuǐjiǎo

At the south end of Fulai Lijie by the elementary school, this tiny restaurant draws foodies from afar with its speciality dumplings (水饺; shuǐjiǎo); the ones stuffed with tender bàyú (鲅鱼; ¥30 per jīn, enough for two…
International in Yantai

Crowne Plaza

The Korean, Latin and Chinese restaurants in the Crowne Plaza are all excellent, but they are a 50-minute ride to Láishān district. Take bus 50 (¥2) or a taxi (¥50) from the town centre.
Japanese in Yantai

Shìdé Wū

Chef Hao lived in Japan for a decade before opening up this place with his wife. Now it’s a popular spot for sashimi (from ¥38), fried pork cutlets (¥30), and udon and ramen (¥26 to ¥36). The soothing wood decor bal…
Street Food in Yantai

Nan Dajie Food Stalls

This small cluster of food stalls along the park next to the Parkson department store in the heart of the shopping district is a good place for a snack.