Yantai attractions

Park in Yantai

Yāntái Hill Park

This quaint park of stone paths, leafy gardens and ocean vistas is also a museum of Western treaty port architecture. Wolf-dung fires burned continuously along the smoke terrace above, beginning in the 14th-century …
Museum in Yantai

Yāntái Folk Custom Museum

It's really architecture on display at this museum, an amazing guild hall built between 1884 and 1906 by arrivals from Fújiàn. In the centre of the courtyard is a spectacularly intricate, decorated gate. Supported b…
Museum in Yantai

Changyu Wine Culture Museum

The Changyu Wine Culture Museum introduces the history of China’s oldest and largest Western-style winery, which produces grape wines as well as brandy and a Chinese ‘health liquor’. Cheong Fatt-Tze, dubbed China’s …
Museum in Yantai

Yāntái Museum

The sparkling museum traces the historical development of the Jiāodōng peninsula, where Yāntái currently stands, from the prehistoric age and successive kingdoms to the present day. There’s a display on the 'Shell M…
Beach in Yantai

Láishān Beach

This vast expanse of golden sand in the developing district 11km east of the old town attracts clam diggers and sunbathers alike. Get off at the Huánghǎi City Flower Garden (黄海城市花园) stop.
Beach in Yantai

No 2 Beach

About 3km east of the old town, No 2 Beach is rocky in parts but surrounded by lively tide pools.
Beach in Yantai

No 1 Beach

One of Yāntái's two main beaches, No 1 Beach is a long stretch of soft sand in a calm bay.