Top things to do in Yanji

Mountain in Yanji

Mào'ér Mountain

The clear favourite of Yánjí families, especially on weekends, this relatively small mountaintop is dotted with young people lounging in the woods in tents or hammocks (¥40 to buy, or ¥10 per day) or walking the 60-…
Korean in Yanji

Quánzhōu Bànfàn Guǎn

A large, well-regarded restaurant for its excellent options – mainly jiàngtāng (酱汤; a bubbling pot of pork and potatoes in a miso broth), or bànfàn (拌饭; bibimbap; rice, vegetables and eggs served in a clay pot). Sit…
Cafe in Yanji

Rotti Bun

A lovely, modern cafe with a Korean, designer slant. There are spaces, mezzanines and closed-off rooms galore, making for a comfy place to spend hours writing postcards, social-media posts or memoirs on the free-use…
Korean in Yanji

Sān Qiān Lǐ Cold Noodles

One of the best places to slurp down a Yánjí Korean speciality, lěng miàn (冷面; cold noodles). Order and almost immediately a large bowl of chewy bean thread noodles is served in a cold beef broth that is addictively…
Bar in Yanji

Nàjiā Coffee

A trendy cafe with a smoky bar side. Nàjiā is an impressive, large space with huge curved windows and a mezzanine, great for watching the well-dressed sip imported beers, or the blinking of traffic and neon outside.