Yanji restaurants

Korean in Yanji

Quánzhōu Bànfàn Guǎn

A large, well-regarded restaurant for its excellent options – mainly jiàngtāng (酱汤; a bubbling pot of pork and potatoes in a miso broth), or bànfàn (拌饭; bibimbap; rice, vegetables and eggs served in a clay pot). Sit…
Cafe in Yanji

Rotti Bun

A lovely, modern cafe with a Korean, designer slant. There are spaces, mezzanines and closed-off rooms galore, making for a comfy place to spend hours writing postcards, social-media posts or memoirs on the free-use…
Korean in Yanji

Sān Qiān Lǐ Cold Noodles

One of the best places to slurp down a Yánjí Korean speciality, lěng miàn (冷面; cold noodles). Order and almost immediately a large bowl of chewy bean thread noodles is served in a cold beef broth that is addictively…