Getting Around

Most places in town can be reached by pedicab for under ¥20. Bicycles can be rented at almost all hostels and from streetside outlets for ¥10 to ¥25 per day. A deposit of ¥200 to ¥500 is standard, but don’t hand over your passport. For better-quality bikes, head to Bike Asia.

Bike-rental operators will rent you an electric scooter (from ¥150 per day) or petrol scooter (from ¥200) without asking to see a driver's licence. Scooters can make the going easier, but be aware that if you don't have a Chinese driver's licence, you will probably not be insured (international driving licences are not accepted in China) and things could get complicated and costly in the event of an accident.

Bus 5 links the two bus stations (¥1); it also gets you to Xijie from either bus station (¥1).