Top Choice River in Yángshuò

Lí Riverside Path

When Xijie, the crowds and postcard hawkers get too much, head down the steps to the Lí River. Unfolding before you is a beautiful panorama of karst peaks, glittering river water and green bamboo. It's a stunning si…
Museum in Yángshuò

House of Xu Beihong

This small shrine to the 20th-century artist Xu Beihong (famed most chiefly for his pictures of galloping horses) – in a small one-storey house where he once lived – is simple and understated, but makes a charming c…
Mountain in Yángshuò

Bìlián Peak

Located in the southeastern corner of town, this is Yángshuò's main peak; it's also the most accessible (it can be climbed in half an hour). Because it has a flat northern face that is supposed to resemble an ancien…