Consulate in Jǐnghóng

Laos Consulate

You can get a Laos visa here, but it's easier and no more expensive to get one at the border. The consulate is on the left bank of the river, a ¥15 to ¥20 ride from the centre of town.
Bank in Jǐnghóng

Bank of China

Changes travellers cheques and foreign currency, and has an ATM machine. There are other branches on Galan Zhonglu and Minhang Lu.
Border Crossing in Měnglà

Chinese Checkpoint

Border control on the Chinese side of the China–Laos border.
Hospital in Jǐnghóng

Xīshuǎngbǎnnà Minorities Hospital

The best bet for having an English-speaker available.
Bank in Jǐnghóng

Bank of China

One of a number of branches around town.
Post in Jǐnghóng

China Post

You can send mail overseas from here.
Police in Jǐnghóng

Public Security Bureau

Come here for visa extensions.