Xishuangbanna Region attractions

Pagoda in Damenglong

White Bamboo Shoot Pagoda

Surrounded by jungle (watch out for stray snakes!), this pagoda dates back to 1204 and is Dàměnglóng’s premier attraction. According to legend, the pagoda’s temple was built on the location of a hallowed footprint l…
Nature Reserve in Xishuangbanna Region

Sānchàhé Nature Reserve

This nature reserve, 48km north of Jǐnghóng, is one of five enormous forest reserves in southern Yúnnán. It has an area of nearly 1.5 million hectares; seriously, treat it with respect – you get off-trail here, you …
Gardens in Menglun

Tropical Plant Gardens

Lovely tropical gardens – the largest botanical gardens in all China – with many rare plant species. To get here, turn left out of the bus station and then take the first left. Follow the road downhill, cross the fi…
Gardens in Jinghong

Tropical Flower & Plants Garden

This terrific botanic garden, west of the town centre, is one of Jǐnghóng’s better attractions. Admission gets you into a series of gardens where you can view over 1000 different types of plant life.
Village in Menghan

Dai Minority Park

This was once the part of town that everyone in this region came to experience – especially for its classic temples and Dai families hosting visitors in their traditional homes. Now, it's a 'theme park' where visito…
Buddhist Temple in Xishuangbanna Region

Octagonal Pavilion

In the village of Jǐngzhēn, about 14km west of Měnghǎi, is the Octagonal Pavilion, first built in 1701. The original structure was severely damaged during the Cultural Revolution but renovated in 1978 and the ornate…
Pagoda in Damenglong

Black Pagoda

Just above the centre of town is a Dai monastery with a steep path beside it leading up to the Black Pagoda – you’ll notice it when entering Dàměnglóng. The pagoda itself is actually gold, not black. Take a stroll u…
Park in Jinghong

Peacock Lake Park

The artificial lake in the centre of town isn’t much, but the small park next to it is pleasant and a popular hangout for the locals.