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Getting There & Away

There is a direct bus service from Hángzhōu's main bus station (¥61, two hours, 6.35am) and also from Hángzhōu’s west bus station (¥61, two hours, 8.20am and 1.50pm). A return bus leaves at 12.45pm.

Xīnyè also works as a convenient day trip from Zhūgě: buses to Xīnyè (¥4, 30 minutes) depart at 7.45am, 10.20am, 1.30pm and 5.15pm and return at 6.10am, 8.30am, noon and 3.20pm.

To get to the village from the bus dropoff, turn right and follow the stone path for a few minutes. Note that to get an admission ticket covering the sights, you'll need to go to the tourist centre at the far northeast corner of the village.