Top ChoiceMuseum in Ürümqi

Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum

Xinjiang’s massive provincial museum is a must for Silk Road aficionados. The highlight is the locally famous ‘Loulan Beauty’, the first of half a dozen 3800-year-old desert-mummified bodies of Xinjiang's...

Taiwanese in Ürümqi

Huāzhī Lín

This bright and stylish place, with plush booths, private nooks and city views is the place for a Taiwanese feast, though you'll struggle if you don't have a Chinese speaker with you as the menu has few photos....

Cafe in Ürümqi

Tous Les Jours

This excellent bakery serves up an impressive selection of baked goods, including croissants, fresh bread and cakes, and does real coffee, fresh juice and a number of other things that might seem like a dream...

International in Ürümqi


Well worth travelling out a little way for, this American-run cafe offers a welcome change of pace from Ürümqi's other dining options, with pizza, sandwiches, Tex-Mex and real coffee on the menu, not to mention...

European in Ürümqi


One of the best places to eat foreign cuisine in Xīnjiāng, Aroma showcases delicious pizzas, pastas, seafood and risottos in its warm bistro environment. Order the marbled T-bone steak in black pepper sauce for a...

Noodles in Ürümqi


This fantastic place in the heart of the city is busy with hungry diners all day and night. The fare is simple but delicious: choose from a variety of steaming bowls of spicy noodles and delicious meat-filled...

Park in Ürümqi

Hongshan Park

More of an amusement park than a natural wonder, Hongshan Park is nevertheless a great place to stroll and enjoy the good city views, particularly from the 18th-century hilltop pagoda, which has become something...

Shanghai in Ürümqi

Tiānfǔ Zhēngcài

A cosy and friendly neighbourhood place just northwest of the Hóngshān Intersection, featuring tasty eastern Chinese dishes and enjoying a tea house feel. Try the Shanghai-style braised meatballs (hóngshāo shīzi...

Bar in Ürümqi


This well-known, long-running expat watering hole has a good selection of imported beers, and classic pub grub such as pizzas and burgers. It's popular with a crowd of young expat teachers and volunteers, making...

Uyghur in Ürümqi


This is a great spot to try Uyghur food if you fancy something more formal than a street kebab stand. There's a pictorial menu to help you decide between various beef and lamb dishes; take a seat in the...

Park in Ürümqi

People’s Park

A green oasis with manicured grounds and a ceremonial pagoda in its centre, around which visitors may paddle little boats in the summer months. Like most parks here, its perimeters are sealed with high fences and...

Sports & Outdoors in Ürümqi

Navigate the Outdoors

Almost directly opposite the China Southern Airlines Hotel, this small shop rents camping gear such as tents (per day ¥15), sleeping bags (per day ¥10) and sleeping pads (per day ¥5).

Bazaar in Ürümqi

Erdaoqiao Market

The Erdaoqiao Market and nearby International Bazaar (Guójì Dàbāzhá) have undergone extensive ‘redevelopment’ in recent years and are now aimed more at Chinese tour groups than Uyghur traders. Planted in the...

Market in Ürümqi

Wǔyī Night Market

This formerly animated Uyghur night market has now been closed for several years as part of the government's campaign against terrorism. It was well known for its shish kebabs and handmade noodles, so it's well...

Supermarket in Ürümqi


This French supermarket chain offers good produce and has excellent-value cafeterias. There's another branch located at Èrdàoqiáo Market.