Top ChoiceNatural Feature in Kashgar

Shipton’s Arch

This extraordinary natural rock arch (the rather prosaic Uyghur name means simply ‘mountain with a hole in it’) is one of the tallest on earth. The first westerner to describe it was Eric Shipton, the last...

Top ChoiceMarket in Kashgar

Sunday Livestock Market

No visit to Kashgar is complete without a trip to the Livestock Market, which takes place once a week on Sunday. The day begins with Uyghur farmers and herders trekking into the city from nearby villages. By...

Top ChoiceMarket in Kashgar

Grand Sunday Bazaar

Kashgar’s main bazaar is open every day but really kicks it up a gear on Sunday. Step through the jam-packed entrance and allow your five senses to guide you through the market; spices and teas are an obvious...

Top ChoiceUyghur in Kashgar

Altun Orda

Easily Kashgar's most memorable and atmospheric restaurant, Altun Orda is a sumptuously decorated place famous for its roast mutton, sweet pumpkin dumplings, meat pies and raisin and almond pastries. Though the...

Top ChoiceUyghur in Kashgar

Ōu'ěr Dáxīkè Night Market

Across from the Id Kah Mosque, this photogenic night market is a great place to sample local fare. Among the goodies are fried fish, chickpeas, kebabs, fried dumplings known as hoshan and bubbling vats of...

Top ChoiceTeahouse in Kashgar

Ostangboyi Ancient Tea House

The last traditional Uyghur teahouse in Kashgar, this is a wonderfully atmospheric place to come for a drink. While it's certainly the preserve of Uyghur Old Town elders, the crowd here are quite used to tourists...

Old Town in Kashgar

Kashgar Old Town

The Old Town is the soul of Kashgar, and as such the government has spent much of the past two decades knocking it down block by block and building a modern replacement. Yet it's still possible to see some of the...

Mosque in Kashgar

Id Kah Mosque

The yellow-tiled Id Kah Mosque, which dates from 1442, is the spiritual and physical heart of the city. Enormous (it's the largest mosque in Xinjiang), its courtyard and gardens can hold 20,000 people during the...

Uyghur in Kashgar

Eden Cafe

This lavishly decorated restaurant inside the Eden Hotel is one of Kashgar's best, and it oozes atmosphere and is always full of locals. The menu is photographic, though there's no English, and the food is full...

Uyghur in Kashgar


This gorgeously decorated 2nd-floor restaurant is hugely popular with Uyghur diners who tend to come in large family groups to feast on traditional dishes from the enormous selection. There's a big photo menu and...

Uyghur in Kashgar

Yingbin Jie Night Market

This large and relatively untouristed night market has food stalls running alongside Yingbin Jie just north of the river. There's a fantastic selection of traditional Uyghur street food on offer, from hard-boiled...

Market in Kashgar

Grand Sunday Bazaar

Most carpet dealers display their wares at the Market pavilion. The rugs here are made of everything from silk to synthetics and finding traditional designs can be difficult – go with a local if possible. The...

Tomb in Kashgar

Abakh Hoja Mausoleum

This 3-hectare mausoleum complex was built by the Khoja family, who ruled the region in the 17th and 18th centuries. Widely considered the holiest Muslim site in Xinjiang, it's a major pilgrimage destination and...

Uyghur in Kashgar

Altun Jam

This popular Uyghur restaurant may well be a little far out, but its striking appearance and good food make it well worth a trip. The ornate bar is quite a sight to behold, and the people-watching is superb with...

Peking Duck in Kashgar


Part of a China-wide chain of Peking duck restaurants, this is a good place to eat Chinese food (and to drink beer). The cost of the duck includes the free option to have its bones made into a tasty broth....

Ruins in Kashgar

Mor Pagoda

At the end of a 45km drive northeast of Kashgar are the ruins of Ha Noi, a Tang-dynasty town built in the 7th century and abandoned in the 12th century. Little remains apart from an enigmatic pyramid-like...

Musical Instruments in Kashgar

Uyghur Musical Instrument Factory

You’ll find long-necked stringed instruments here running the gamut from souvenirs to collectors’ items. If any traditional performances are on, owner Mohammed will know where to find them. There are several...

Bakery in Kashgar

Shirin Cake

This Old Town Uyghur bakery has a wide selection of pastries, cakes and other delicious baked goods, which in combination can form a tasty (if rather sweet) breakfast.

Homewares in Kashgar

Ahmed Carpet Shop

Ahmed and his son run this Old Town carpet shop, offering a good selection of antique and new carpets from across Central Asia.

Museum in Kashgar

Kashgar Museum

This regional museum is not as good as some of the other excellent local museums in Xinjiang, but it's free and includes an incredible 6th-century Buddhist urn and a mummy amid the otherwise rather forgettable...