Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Xīníng

Tibetan Culture & Medicine Museum

Exhibitions at this museum focus on traditional Tibetan medicine, astronomy and science, as well as traditional Tibetan life, homes and costumes. The highlight is a 618m-long thangka (Tibetan sacred art) scroll – th…
Top Choice Bar in Xīníng

1/2 Sugar

Xīníng just upped its hipster game with an unlikely (but cool) craft brewery and cafe. Sitting in a purpose-built complex off a small alley behind Qiyi Jie, knowledgeable staff can recommend and let you sample draft…
Buddhist Site in Xīníng

Běichán Sì

The temple at the foot of a barren hillside on Xīníng’s north side is nothing special but halfway up the steep climb to the top you pass cave temples and shrines that are thought to be 1700 years old. A pagoda, and …
Museum in Xīníng

Qīnghǎi Provincial Museum

At the east end of Xīníng Square, the provincial museum looks like an ominous government building from afar, but once inside, galleries range from dull (government puff pieces in Chinese) to OK (historical photos of…
Mosque in Xīníng

Dongguan Grand Mosque

About one-third of Xīníng’s population is Muslim and there are more than 80 mosques across the city. It's not the prettiest, but in fact, it’s one of the largest mosques in China. Friday lunchtime prayers regularly …
Buddhist Temple in Xīníng

Golden Stupa Temple

This small temple was named after a long-destroyed golden chörten (Tibetan stupa). It's now used as a place of study by monks from Kumbum Monastery.
Ruins in Xīníng

Xīníng City Wall

One or two isolated sections of Xīníng’s old city wall still remain, the most accessible being this short stretch within a park on Kunlun Zhonglu. The wall was originally built in 1385, but different portions were e…
Noodles in Xīníng

Zhènyà Niúròu Miàn

Join the local Muslim population for their noodle fix at this busy place by the Grand Mosque. There’s no menu, but the order of the day is gān bànmiàn (干拌面; mince beef noodles; ¥12), which is served swiftly with a s…
Cafe in Xīníng


Rustic split-level wood interior with smoothies and some of the best coffee in town. You can also munch on pizzas, burgers and sandwiches to a mellow music selection. The building facade was under construction at th…
Arts & Crafts in Xīníng

Amdo Café

From yak milk soap to woven and knitted bags, profits from the lovely hand-made Tibetan gifts (from ¥30) sold here go back to the local craftswomen. There’s also decent coffee (from ¥22).