Tibetan in Xīníng

Ah Ma La

Delish Tibetan food, tacky decor, English-speaking Tibetan boss, picture menu. That pretty much sums up the Ah Ma La experience. Slide into a booth seat and order up authentic Tibetan dishes such as yak tongue and m…
Hawker in Xīníng

Mǎzhōng Snack Centre

Stalls selling local and regional specialities line this indoor food court, such as Tibetan miànpiàn (面片; flat noodle pieces) and chǎodāo xiāomiàn (炒刀削面; stir-fried spicy noodles). This is an easy option for a cheap…
International in Xīníng

Elite's Bar & Grill

If you have a hankering for Western food, Elite's extensive menu should do the job. Massive burgers, pulled pork, steaks, salads... Elite's serves it all up. There's a good wine and beer list at decent prices, too. …
Street Food in Xīníng

Shuíjǐng Xiàng (Food Street)

A busy snack street that's lined with vendors selling noodles, baked goods, yoghurt and more. Pickpockets are known to operate in the area so be vigilant.
Noodles in Xīníng

Zhènyà Niúròu Miàn

Join the local Muslim population for their noodle fix at this busy place by the Grand Mosque. There’s no menu, but the order of the day is gān bànmiàn (干拌面; mince beef noodles; ¥12), which is served swiftly with a s…