Xining attractions

Top Choice Museum in Xining

Tibetan Culture & Medicine Museum

Exhibitions at this museum focus on Tibetan medicine, astronomy and science. The highlight is a 618m-long thangka scroll – the world’s longest – which charts most of Tibetan history. Completed in 1997, it’s not an a…
Mosque in Xining

Dōngguān Grand Mosque

About one-third of Xīníng’s population is Muslim, and although this, the city's biggest mosque, may not be the prettiest, in fact, it’s one of the largest mosques in China. Friday lunchtime prayers regularly attract…
Park in Xining


This park, which is also known as Fènghuáng Shān (凤凰山), rises above Xīníng south of town. The grounds are home to two Buddhist temples: Nánchán Sì and Fǎchuáng Sì (法幢寺). In between them is a path that leads up to th…
Museum in Xining

Qīnghǎi Provincial Museum

At the east end of Xīnníng Square (Xīnníng Guǎngchǎng), the provincial museum looks like an ominous government building from afar. Once inside, galleries range from fairly dull provincial economics to historical pho…
Buddhist Site in Xining

Nánchán Temple

Standing atop Phoenix Mountain, this Buddhist temple overlooks Xīníng from the south. The temple was built during the Northern Song dynasty (960–1127), though most of the current structures date to the Qing (1644–19…
Buddhist Site in Xining

Běichán Tǔlóu Temple

The Daoist temple at the foot of a barren hill on Xīníng’s north side is nothing special but halfway up the steep climb to the top you pass cave temples and shrines that are thought to be 1700 years old. A pagoda, a…
Ruins in Xining

Xīníng City Wall

One or two isolated sections of Xīníng’s Tang-dynasty city wall still remain, the most accessible being this short stretch within a park on Kunlun Zhonglu. It is part of the south wall of ancient Qingtang city and w…
Gallery in Xining

Qīnghǎi Art Museum

Opened in late 2017, this vast art museum displays exhibitions by artists from Qīnghǎi and around China. Though the building covers five floors, at the time of research, only the third floor gallery was open with an…
Buddhist Temple in Xining

Golden Stupa Temple

This small temple was named after a long-destroyed golden chörten (Tibetan stupa). It's now used as a place of study by monks from Kumbum Monastery.