Top things to do in Xīngchéng

Top Choice Historic Site in Xīngchéng

Xīngchéng Old City

Standing like a miniature of the better-known ancient city of Píngyáo (albeit less polluted or glossy…in a good way), this walled city dates back to 1430 and is the principal reason to visit Xīngchéng.In addition to…
Sichuan in Xīngchéng

Sìchuān Málà Noodles

From outside this simple restaurant, you may not realise that there is very good Sìchuān style málà miàn (spicy and numbing noodle soup) on offer. The photo board looks like there are lots of options, but it's just …
Beach in Xīngchéng

Xīngchéng Beach

Xīngchéng’s beach is pretty enough, with OK sands and calm waters, neat paths, a small park, pagoda over the water, and a boardwalk in some parts.Bus 1 (¥1) travels from the bus station through Xinghai Lu to the bea…
Historic Site in Xīngchéng

Xīngchéng Drum Tower

The housing for a huge drum sits slap in the middle of the Old City and has a scant number of ceramics on display but is most popular for the 360-degree views of the Old City from its terrace with flapping flags.
Food Hall in Xīngchéng

Happy Family Mall

For respite from the busy intersection near the South Gate, head to the food court on the 5th floor of the Happy Family Mall where you'll find delicious handmade bāozǐ and other Chinese staples.
Confucian Temple in Xīngchéng

Confucius Temple

A colourful temple dedicated to the master of learning and education. Built in 1430, this is reputedly the oldest temple in northeastern China.
Walls in Xīngchéng

Xīngchéng Old City Walls

These 10m high walls were built in 1428 and are still standing. You can do a complete circuit of the walls in around an hour.
House in Xīngchéng

Gao House

The former residence of General Gao Rulian, who is one of Xīngchéng’s most famous sons.