Pig’s Heaven Inn

Top choice boutique hotel in Xīdì

When Shànghǎi artist Li Guoyu discovered this Ming dynasty home it was being used as a pig's pen (hence the name). She painstakingly restored it, adding an eclectic blend of vintage furniture and mid-20th-century memorabilia. Cheaper rooms are a little pokey but all guests can make use of the common areas, including a 3rd-floor verandah overlooking the village rooftops.

Reservations are crucial. The inn is at the back of the village, beyond where most tourists go. Head down Dalu Jie (大路街) and turn right down the alley before the building with the horseshoe entrance. The door is marked only by a small sign that says 'welcome'. In-house meals are fantastic and nonguests can get lunch (¥70 per person) here, too.

Limited English.