Top things to do

Buddhist Monastery in Xiāngchéng

Bsampeling Monastery

Originally established in 1669, this collection of golden-roofed monastery buildings at the top end of town commands fine views of the surrounding hills. Be sure to take the stairs up to the 2nd and 3rd floors of th…
Dumplings in Xiāngchéng

Hēilóngjiāng Dōngběi Jiǎozi

A couple from northeast China specialise in boiled dumplings (水饺; shuǐjiǎo) here. A half order (bān jīn, ¥16) is plenty for one, as is a killer bowl of bànmiàn (干拌面; mince-meat dry noodles; ¥10 to ¥12). It's up a sm…
Lake in Xiāngchéng

Seven Lakes

According to locals, this string of seven small iridescent lakes strung along a mountain valley makes an excellent full-day trip from Xiāngchéng. It's around 25km on the road towards Dàochéng to the signposted turn-…