Sānjiěmèi Jiǎozi

Dumplings in Xi'an

Weary diners with dumpling fatigue will be inspired by the rustic two-room Three Sisters, with its well-done twist on classics. Try succulent carrot and lamb dumplings blanketed in crisp peanuts and fried chives. Or for vegetarians, the winning texture of dry and marinated tofu (yes, two types) with the zing of crunchy cilantro and a lashing of chilli.

There's a whole range of other dishes too, including the tangy, sour, cabbage fish soup (酸菜鱼; sāncàiyú) and the extremely spicy black-pepper beef (黑胡椒牛柳; hēihújiāo niúliu), which will put hairs on your chest. Look for the words 'Restaurant of China' on the outside.