Chinese in Xī'ān


This smart food court serves a wide choice of food from each corner of China. There's everything from Sìchuān dàndàn noodles (dàndàn miàn) to roast duck, dumplings, claypot dishes, ròujiāmó (shredded pork in a bun) …
Chinese in Xī'ān

Lǎo Sūn Jiā

The speciality dish at one of Xī’ān’s most famous restaurants (with a 100-year-plus history) is steaming bowls of yángròu pàomó. The catch is that the diner is responsible for ripping up the bread before the chefs a…
Chinese in Xī'ān

Dǐng Dǐng Xiāng

A clean cafe atmosphere spread over four floors with aspirational snaps of Europe in scattered picture frames on the walls. A lively well-dressed crowd peers down onto the street, drinking beer and eating Chinese cl…