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Xi'an Xianyang Airport

Xī’ān’s Xiányáng Airport is one of China’s best connected – you can fly to almost any major Chinese destination from here, as well as several international ones. Most hostels and hotels and all travel agencies sell airline tickets.

Daily flights include Běijīng (¥790), Chéngdū (¥750), Guǎngzhōu (¥590), Shànghǎi (¥970) and Ürümqi (¥1040). China Eastern has international flights from Xī’ān to Hong Kong (¥1750), Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo and Nagoya.

Transport Options

Xiányáng Airport is about 40km northwest of Xī’ān. Shuttle buses run every 20 to 30 minutes from 5.40am to 8pm between the airport and several points in the city, including the Lónghǎi Hotel (¥26, one hour). Metered taxis into the city charge more than ¥100.

Airport Bus Leaves regularly from the Xī’ān Hotel.

Airport Shuttle Bus Runs every 20 minutes from an alley by the Lónghǎi Hotel.

Airport Shuttle Bus Leaves regularly for the airport from the Konggang Hotel.


The long-distance bus station is opposite Xī’ān’s train station. It’s a chaotic place. Note that buses to Huá Shān (6am to 8pm) depart from in front of the train station.

Other bus stations around town include the east bus station and the west bus station. Both are located outside the Second Ring Rd. Bus K43 travels between the Bell Tower and the east bus station, and bus 103 travels between the train station and the west bus station. A taxi into the city from either bus station costs between ¥15 and ¥20.

Buses from Xī’ān’s long-distance bus station:

Luòyáng ¥105, five hours (10am, noon, 1pm, 3pm)

Zhèngzhōu ¥135, six hours, one daily (10am)

Buses from Xī’ān’s east bus station:

Hánchéng ¥75, four hours, half-hourly (8am to 6.30pm)

Huá Shān One way ¥36, two hours, hourly (7.30am to 7pm)

Píngyáo ¥160, six hours (8am, 9.30am, 10.30am, 12.30pm, 4.30pm)

Yán’ān ¥93, five hours, every 40 minutes (8.30am to 5.35pm)


Xī’ān’s main train station (huǒchē zhàn) is just outside the northern city walls. It’s always busy so arrive early for your departure to account for queues and poor signage. Try to buy your onward tickets as soon as you arrive.

Most hotels and hostels can get you tickets (¥40 commission); there’s also an advance train ticket booking booth in the ICBC Bank’s south entrance and another train ticket booth just west of Wulukou metro station on Xiwu Lu. This is much easier than the hectic crowds in the main ticket hall and commission is only ¥5.

Xī’ān is well connected to the rest of the country. For an overnight journey, deluxe Z trains run to/from Běijīng west (hard/soft sleeper ¥273/416, 11½ hours), the later departures leaving Xī’ān at 7.21pm and 7.27pm and Běijīng at 8.12pm and 8.40pm. The Z94 to Shànghǎi departs 4.46pm and arrives 7.53am (hard/soft sleeper ¥332/510, 15 hours).

From Xī’ān’s north train station (běi huǒchē zhàn) high-speed ‘bullet’ G trains zip to Běijīng west (2nd/1st class ¥825/516, 5½ hours, 10 daily), Luòyáng (2nd/1st class ¥280/175, 1½ hours), and Wǔhàn (2nd/1st class ¥455/728, four hours, nine daily), with other destinations starting in the next several years.

All prices listed here are for hard/soft sleeper tickets (except where indicated).

Chéngdū Hard/soft sleeper ¥194/301, 11 hours

Chóngqìng Hard/soft sleeper ¥190/285, 11 hours

Guìlín Hard/soft sleeper ¥377/582, 28 hours

Lánzhōu Hard/soft sleeper ¥174/263, seven to nine hours

Luòyáng 2nd/1st class ¥175/280, 90 minutes, 15 daily

Píngyáo 2nd/1st class ¥150/188, 2½ hours, seven daily

Shànghǎi 2nd class seat/soft sleeper ¥338/834, 11 hours, one daily, 8.35pm

Tàiyuán 2nd/1st class ¥179/222, 3½ hours, regular

Ürümqi Hard/soft sleeper ¥497/768, 25 to 35 hours

Zhèngzhōu 2nd/1st class ¥154/249, three hours, twice daily

Within Shaanxi, there are regular trains (including several night trains) to Yúlín (hard seat/sleeper ¥81/154, six to seven hours, regular) via Yán’ān (2nd/1st class ¥96/115, two hours). Buy tickets in advance. There is also an early morning train to Hánchéng (¥17 to ¥42, three to seven hours).