Xī'ān has a wide range of restaurants serving cuisine from across China and the world. The Muslim Quarter is an excellent place for snacking, while a good street to wander for a selection of more typically Chinese restaurants is Dongmutou Shi, east of Nan Dajie. All the hostels serve Western breakfasts and meals with varying degrees of success.

Muslim Quarter Eats

Hit the Muslim Quarter for tasty eating in Xī’ān. Common dishes here are májiàng liángpí (麻酱凉皮; cold noodles in sesame sauce), fěnzhēngròu (粉蒸肉; chopped mutton fried in a wok with ground wheat), the ‘Chinese hamburger’ ròujiāmó (肉夹馍; fried pork or beef in pitta bread, sometimes with green peppers and cumin), càijiāmó (菜夹馍; the vegetarian version of ròujiāmó) and the ubiquitous ròuchuàn (肉串; kebabs).

Best of all is the delicious yángròu pàomó (羊肉泡馍), a soup dish that involves crumbling a flat loaf of bread into a bowl and adding noodles, mutton and broth. You can also pick up mouth-watering desserts such as huāshēnggāo (花生糕; peanut cakes) and shìbǐng (柿饼; dried persimmons), which can be found at the market or in Muslim Quarter shops.

The food market around Xiyangshi Jie (西羊市街) is excellent for everything from lamb skewers to walnuts, cakes, pomegranate juice, flatbreads of all sorts, fried potatoes, fragrant tofu and much more.