yuán (元; ¥)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than ¥200

  • Dorm bed: ¥35–60
  • Double room in a hostel or budget hotel: ¥100–140
  • Bowl of noodles: ¥10
  • Bus or metro tickets: ¥10–15

Midrange: ¥200–¥750

  • Double room in a hotel: ¥200–350
  • Lunch and dinner in a local restaurant: ¥50–150
  • Admission to sights: ¥50–200
  • Taxi trips: ¥20–40

Top end: More than ¥750

  • Double room in a luxury hotel: ¥400–800
  • Lunch and dinner in a top-end restaurant: ¥150–300


Haggling is standard procedure in markets and shops (outside of department stores and malls) where prices are not clearly marked. There's no harm in coming in really low, but remain polite at all times. In touristy markets in Shànghǎi and Běijīng, vendors can drop as low as 25% of the original price.


Bank of China Juhuayuan Lu; Nan Dajie You can exchange cash and travellers cheques and use the ATMs at both of these branches.

ATM At the southeast corner of the Bell Tower intersection.